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Acrylic Leaves

Holly Leaves
$1.60 for 20 leaves
23mm x 12mm
Colour Choice


Silver Backed Holly Leaves
14mm X 7.5mm

$1.60 for 10 leaves



Small Leaf

10mm X 6mm
$1.00 3 grams


Wide Leaf

10mm X 18mm
$1.00 3 grams


Long Leaf

10mm X 25mm
$1.00 3 grams


Large Maple Leaf
27mm x 25mm
$2.00 for 6 grams
Colour Choice


Numbers in brackets (20) are approximate amounts only 

The colours depicted are as accurate as the photographing process allows.
Actual colours may vary slightly from those illustrated, from batch to batch

All beads & accessories sold by weight are an approximate weight only.
Bulk prices upon request, one quantity/one colour.


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