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Knitted Dolls

Lady Katrina

Prices are for pattern only and no other materials are included with the exception of Angel and Mermaid.
Some dolls have extra information for your convenience, which may include: style of stand used, beads required (Number of hanks), cotton

(Recommended Doll Lady Katrina)

Beads: 2 Hanks White
       1 Hank Gold
Cotton: 2 Ball Main
                 1 Ball Contrast
Tiger Lily
(Recommended Doll Lady Katrina)

Beads: 2 Hanks Main(Black)
1 Hank Contrast (Gold)
Cotton: 2 Hanks (Black)
Stand No: 16
Pattern Choice

Porcelain Dolls

All styles of dolls are not held in stock at all times.
Styles and colours are ordered as required and can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.
If your order is urgent, please contact us for current stock availability.
H = Height   W = Waist
Lady Katrina

H: 112mm W: 22mm
Moveable Arms

Doll Stands

#16 Hollow Side Cone

Height: 12.5cm
Base: 6.5cm
Pole: 6.5cm
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