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Knitted Dolls

French Collection

Prices are for pattern only and no other materials are included with the exception of Angel and Mermaid. Free Postage for patterns only
Some dolls have extra information for your convenience, which may include: style of stand used, beads required (Number of hanks), cotton

3 Doll Patterns
(We use French Collection Dolls)

Beads: Each pattern uses 1/2 - 3/4 Hank
Cotton: 1 Ball per colour
Stands No: 4 x 3

Porcelain Dolls

All styles of dolls are not held in stock at all times.
Styles and colours are ordered as required and can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.
Please insert your colour choice in the box provided below.
Some popular colours are Pink, Blue, Cream, Red, Green, Apricot, Mauve, Black plus many others.
Polly's Beads suggests that you choose a colour for your doll to compliment your bead or cotton choice.
If your order is urgent, please contact us for current stock availability.
H = Height   W = Waist
Important Note: Please choose your colour choice carefully.
Colour choice cannot be changed once your order has been received
as dolls are hand painted as per your order.

French Collection

(Set of 3)
one of each doll

Set of Three
Doll Colour Required

H: 50mm W: 13mm

H: 54mm W: 14mm

H: 55mm W: 14mm
Doll Choice
Doll Colour Required
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Doll Stand

#4 Mini 6cm Thin
Base Petite

Height: 1.25cm
Base: 6cm
Pole: 10cm
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